James Clyde – Residential Contractor

Having built some of the most desirable “step-up from move-up” homes in Idaho’s treasure valley, Clyde has crafted a brand of residences that are distinctive.

Balancing style, function and quality within the home’s exterior and interior living spaces is what makes a JCH a great choice.

When it comes to new home construction, Clyde’s houses connect with buyers.

He believes in starting with a fantastic foundation, one that will maintain integrity the duration of its lifetime.

Clyde manages client projects with his ever-present unfiltered personality.

He’s an insistent boss who gets the job done the way that you want.

Clyde is fair and loyal to his subcontractors, and in return they they work hard to deliver a great product and fantastic service.

They understand that he has high expectations, but also that he is fair and they work hard to deliver a great product and fantastic service.

Speed and efficiency

Clyde builds homes with such speed and efficiency; you won’t be surprised to learn that he doesn’t make a habit of sitting still.

He is a passionate individual with a genuine love and excitement for building homes.

He appreciates the challenges that come with the process and takes great pride and personal satisfaction in his work.

If on any level, the client or he feels that something has been compromised or is unsatisfactory, he’s on the phone and someone is there fixing the defect ASAP.

Clyde incorporates the experience he has gained over the past 3 decades in the new home construction world, to create win-win situations with buyers.

Putting his name behind every home he builds, the process is the same for you as if it were his own; high standards and great quality materials.

  • He understands that a satisfied client will refer other clients. “I am building a business, and my primary objective is longevity.”