Heather Asay Clyde

From a young age Heather has had a passionate interest in all things interior design.

Just as a lover of good food recognizes that a fantastic meal is a carefully selected arrangement of ingredients, so it is for a successful interior.

The spaces in which we live, work and play influence the way we feel, Heather has a knack for making those spaces feel good.

Heather’s role within the company centers mostly on the selections and staging of model spec homes.


Often described as a balanced pair, husband and wife team James and Heather enjoy working together and compliment one another’s strengths.

A true “yin-yang” Heather is as polished as James is instinctive.

As a team, they help create a well-balanced home environment that evokes their individual personality tastes.

Heather’s personal aesthetic is constantly changing and evolving with trends, but leans towards that of a casual-classic design style, with an assortment of textures and touches of the unexpected.

Specializing in selection of colors, hard and soft finishes, fixtures, furnishings, accessories, artwork, kitchen and cabinetry design.

She is known for her distinctive style, attention to detail, and personal approach within a home’s interior.

  • When not making selections or staging model homes, she is a stay at home mother to four rambunctious little boys.
  • They spend their days racing around in the backyard, jumping on the trampoline, playing cars and reading books.
  • She enjoys helping friends redecorate their homes, looking for new design trends and going on dates with her honey.