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Whether you’re all about luxury or convenience, our homes are designed with you in mind.
Overhead, underfoot, and everything in between, you can depend on us to bring you distinctive, elegant homes that stand the test of time. From inspiration to application, we want you to be wholly satisfied with the investment you’ve made in a James Clyde Custom Home. After all, we believe the home of your dreams should simplify your life and provide you with outstanding comfort.
The focal point of our design evokes a soothing style of old-world classic charm. Friends and family will feel welcomed into your home every time you open your door. When it comes to design, we’ve done our research. So with confidence, you can personalize plans or design your own based on what best reflects you. Until it’s finished, the design of your home may be a work-in-progress, but it’s never a stand-alone venture.

Addison Ryan

Andrew Michael

Astor w/ Boat

Ava Christine

Bradley David

Brinton Carter

Brinton Carter w/ Boat

Carston Lynn w/ Boat

Cannon Lee

Carter Joseph

Charlotte Rose

Claire Eliza

Cloe Catherine


Everly Grace


Garrik Joseph

Heather Lynn


Layne Brinton

Logan Oliver

London Evelyn

Noah William

Nolan Patrick

Peyton Taylor

Ryker Chamberlin

Sariah Chase w/ Boat

Sariah Chase

Savannah Grace

Seirra Dawn


Timothy Paul

Tina Marie

Trinity Rose

With a James Clyde Home, you’ll experience the difference of quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and personalization that brings your dream home to life.
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